What Is Health Care Informatics?

Health care informatics is a combination of health care and information technology, in which aims to enhance the health care system through the use of information technology, such as through expanding information, advance the clinical work flow, and improve the security of the system. It includes a lot of use of information science, computer technology, and medicine in order to compile and organize health-related data, as well as to keep them secured. One can major in this field by taking a Master’s degree in Health Informatics, which will equip you with both the knowledge and information technology to create a system to suit health care settings.This field basically utilizes computer hardware, specialized software, and communication devices so that one can create a computer network in which is able to compile, analyze and transmit the medical processes. Although it plays a big part in creating an information system, it is not limited to it. The system should also be able to assimilate clinical directives, understand formal medical jargon, store date, and transmit them into a clear form of communication. This can be applied in all sorts of health environment, like general practice, hospital care, and rehabilitation.Using such information system is advantageous as it helps to make the operations of a health care more efficient, such as in clinical, administrative and financial operations. For example, all medical records are electronically keyed and standardized, in which allows for billing, client scheduling or rescheduling to be made possible, as well as to make the exchange medical information simple.Such systems have been greatly applauded by much practitioners as well as their administrators as it has made the exchange of information simpler, and decreased the chances of error as compared to when reading the hand-written version of prescriptions. This also has helped them access to data much faster and efficiently. Overall, health care informatics does help reduce costs and mistakes, and allow for greater quality care.

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